Margin Walkers

RKP_Fells_ResI was a middle-class kid, as tormented by boredom as by the peer pressure of my preppy cohort. Bound for college and an easy passage to comfortable adulthood, nonetheless I acted out in all sorts of ways. I listened to punk rock bands and drank too much and did all the drugs I could. I grew my hair, and then I shaved my head. I rode a bike.
There is power in alienation, in embracing otherness and using it as a motivator. There is power in the anger that comes from being treated differently, even when the difference is small or manufactured. The greatest conformists among us still want to be rebels. It’s an attractive image, rebels in our minds, if not in our realities.

Thanks to Red Kite Prayer, the best blog in cycling for this post.  To read the rest of the post just click here:



One thought on “Margin Walkers


    It’s recently come to my attention that you’re republishing work, such as this, from Red Kite Prayer without my express written consent. I’m grateful that you like our work, but I need to request that you don’t copy entire posts. I’m willing to grant permission for you to reprint an excerpt and then have you link back to our site, but we have advertisers who are paying us so that we can run that work and when you run the whole of the post is doesn’t lead readers back to the site. They’ve no need to click through once they’ve finished reading the post. In the future, please just print an excerpt and link to the post. And please update the posts you’ve already copied to reflect this request.


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