Car Bomb Attempt at Giro d'Italia

Sprinting for the finish line, unaware of the threat narrowly avoided.

This weekend we saw Dublin’s streets, festooned in pink, scrubbed, patched and polished.  The world seems a little smaller, more accessible, almost familiar.  In my mind a trip to Dublin becomes a remote possibility, moving up a few notches from “complete fantasy”.

The Grand Tours like Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia have begun a new tradition, launching their races in foreign countries as a way to internationalize, bring new countries into the fold, and promote cycling to a wider audience.  While this is indeed a noble idea that, at first blush, would make sense in a world where cycling is becoming easier to watch and certainly more entertaining than ever.

Then a report like today’s news about an anonymous tip, leading the police to discover a 50lb car bomb, comes in over the wires; and I can only shake my head.  What was I thinking?  Today’s race with all the craziness and fanfare becomes nothing but a slight diversion from the real insanity that just happens to be the sad history of the Emerald Isle.  And today’s depressing reality.

My view, from Living Room USA just did a 180.  What in the hell brings people to this barbaric intent?  I am busy watching cycling and doing my level best to avoid the stories of the day including, the Boston Marathon 2014, luckily they pulled it off with no bombs this year, the “Lost Philippine Airlines Flight”, the Korean ferry sinking and killing over 300 people and the kidnapping of 280 school age girls by a religious militant group in Africa.

Now cycling?  What the fuck?  I’ve already given brain cells to the scandals of doping that made criminals out of heroes.  I’ve seen the corruption that money and politics had dealt directly to the Giro over the last year, and now I see that the world is intent on nothing better than annihilating innocent bystanders in order to make some political statement that really hangs it’s hat on nothing but history and the struggles of seemingly neighboring people to maintain a conflict that should have long been settled.  How are we so intent on propagation of violence, intolerance and hatred that we can’t even have a race without being hijacked by terrorists?  And how hopeless are we to ever see an end to this?  I can’t even imagine a world where this ends.  There is no end to humanity’s need to avenge and revenge.


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