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Car Bomb Attempt at Giro d'Italia

Sprinting for the finish line, unaware of the threat narrowly avoided.

This weekend we saw Dublin’s streets, festooned in pink, scrubbed, patched and polished.  The world seems a little smaller, more accessible, almost familiar.  In my mind a trip to Dublin becomes a remote possibility, moving up a few notches from “complete fantasy”. Continue reading


Why I carry cookies on my bike rides


Image The group had decided on an easy trail that everyone could enjoy at their own pace.  We convened with just enough time to complete a short after work ride and joked and laughed as everyone donned shoes, helmets and packs. On the trail and finally rolling, the group spreading out, we each began to find a groove and after ten minutes everyone was feeling good. Continue reading

Why I don’t have animals in my life

The subject of animals is one that I feel funny about right now.  In fact animals have been part of my life for the better part of the last 20 years.  Cats have wandered into my home and refused to leave, dogs have been adopted, lived full lives or hit by cars and died.  But I don’t have the heart to care any more. Continue reading

Wheels of Truth

Wheels of Truth

January 16, 2014 by 
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These past few months, I endured what can only be described as the long, slow, painful death of a relationship. Circumstances in play were out of my control. This is a feeling I do not like. At all. And in order to get through it, I turned to my wonderful friend The Bike. I knew the bike would get me through, keep me grounded and sane. The Bike would be my rock and foundation when other footing seemed shaky. My plan? Simple.

Ride as much as humanly possible. Continue reading