It’s only bacon. Get a life!!!

800px-RawBaconOK it is time someone finally stood up and said enough is enough! Bacon is only OK.  It is not magic, nor is it particularly more delicious than any other lunch meat.  In fact I propose to bring back Bologna in response to this insanity.

Bologna, Its the new bacon.


Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam

Bicycles are a part of life in Amsterdam. So much so that there is no “bicycle culture” to speak of. They are just a way of getting around. It hasn’t always been this way. In fact the automobile traffic was so bad in the late 60’s and early 70’s that bicycles became a reaction to a problem. Is this a logical response to congestion problems that we could see in the US? Wait and see…

Margin Walkers

RKP_Fells_ResI was a middle-class kid, as tormented by boredom as by the peer pressure of my preppy cohort. Bound for college and an easy passage to comfortable adulthood, nonetheless I acted out in all sorts of ways. I listened to punk rock bands and drank too much and did all the drugs I could. I grew my hair, and then I shaved my head. I rode a bike.
There is power in alienation, in embracing otherness and using it as a motivator. There is power in the anger that comes from being treated differently, even when the difference is small or manufactured. The greatest conformists among us still want to be rebels. It’s an attractive image, rebels in our minds, if not in our realities.

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June 18, 2013

Danny MacAskill makes another incredible video of his street trials. It is not just his skills, but the art he makes on the bike that shines.